Lithium Batteries For Baitboats


  • 2 pieces of 20.8ah 12v lithium batteries suitable for the iCatcher
  • These lithium batteries can not be used on any lead battery version bait boat
  • These lithium batteries can only be charged with the Lithium Battery Charger made by BearCreeks




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  • Lithium Batteries for Bait BoatsFor a longer runtime for bait boat, depth sounder and GPS / autopilot system, we recommend our strong lithium batteries. With a power of 12V and 20.8Ah, they have enough power to use the iCatcher bait boat for many hours before they have to be recharged.Please note: The rechargeable batteries can only be used for bait boats in the lithium version and cannot be used with bait boats with lead-acid batteries. These lithium batteries can only be charged with the BearCreeks lithium charger. Suitable for the following bait boat: BearCreeks iCatcher, Waverunner and some other models/brands (please ask)If you have a bait boat with lead-acid batteries but would like to convert to lithium batteries, we recommend that you send your boat to us. We can upgrade your boat accordingly with software free of charge. You just have to order the batteries and charger.Voltage: 12VCapacity: 20.8AhSize: 15 x 3,4 x 8,5 cm  (LxBxH)



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