Spare Parts Lists

Please find below the prices for our spare parts. These do not include shipping
Component NameList Price
Top Hull /pc61.99
Bottom Hull /pc69.99
Upper and Bottom Hull Rubber /pc6.99
Battery Cover /set14.99
Battery Cover Rubber full set /set2.99
iCather Front Triangle Maintance Cover /pc6.99
iCatcher Front Triangle Maintance Cover Rubber /pc2.99
5.8GHz Normal Handset + Receiver + Antenna /set99.99
5.8GHz Normal Handset /pc69.99
5.8GHz Normal Receiver /pc20.99
5.8GHz GPS Autopilot Handset + Receiver + Antenna /set164.99
5.8GHz GPS Handset /pc134.99
5.8GHz GPS Receiver /pc31.99
5.8GHz Boat Antenna /pc11.99
Normal CPU (Mother Board) /pc84.99
GPS CPU (Mother Board) /pc99.99
GPS Autopilot Module /pc51.99
GPS Upgrade Kit ( Remote + GPS Module + CPU) /set274.99
Balance Trim PCB with Cable /pc4.99
Motor Set including cable /pair44.99
Motor Coupler with Oil Seal /pair5.99
Motor Rubber Seal /pair3.99
Motor Mount with screws /pair5.99
Weed Guard with Screws /pair14.49
Weed Guard New Style /pair18.99
Propeller /pair8.99
Fishfinder Sonar Box (Empty) Set with Rubber Washer4.49
Bait Dropper Electromagnets (Hopper Door Switch)Strong /pc17.99
Bait Dropper Electromagnets (Hopper Door Switch)Weak /pc17.99
Bait Hopper Cable /pc5.49
Bait Hopper Door with Magnets and Screw Set17.49
Bait Hopper Door Fixing Screw Set2.99
Bait Hopper Rubber3.99
Bait Hopper Inlay6.99
Bait Hopper Devider7.49
Electromagnet for Hook Release with Washer and Cover9.99
Hook Release Pin Holder with Screws2.49
Boat Carrying Handle with Mounting Set and Screws18.99
AA Battery x 4pcs8.99
AA Battery Charger18.99
Lead Acid Battery with Cable / boat31.49
Lead Acid Battery Charger21.99
Lithium Battery149.99
Lithium Battery Charger29.99
Lithium Battery Cable1.99
LED Loom13.49
Power Switch Loom ( Switch+Washer+Cover+Cables)21.99
Front Search Light Module8.99
Full Set Sealing Screws35.99