iCatcher Pro + Fishfinder VF01+ Lithium Batteries + GPS Autopilot


Important features:

  • GPS autopilot system
  • Fishfinder / Echo Sounder VF01
  • very stable and impact resistant ABS boats hull
  • 21 Save fishing locations
  • Auto home mode
  • 2 powerful motors with algae protection
  • 2 Rechargeable lithium batteries
  • 1 electromagnetic release hook at the rear
  • 7 extra bright LED (3 of them for battery indication)
  • LED battery indicator with the colours red, yellow and green
  • electromagnetic feed chamber with 4 kg baits capacity
  • Range up to 600 m
  • 3 hours running time at maximum speed
  • Dimensions: 58.5 cm x 37.8 cm x 26 cm

The baitboat is delivered with:

  • GPS autopilot system
  • Fishfinder / Echo Sounder VF01
  • 5.8 GHz radio system
  • 2 Lithium batteries for baitboat
  • Charging device for the baitboat
  • Rechargeable 1.2 V batteries with 1500 mAh
  • Charger for the remote control batteries
  • Bag for the baitboat

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Estimated delivery date 2024/04/20
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iCatcher Pro Baitboat with GPS Autopilot System and Fishfinder VF01

The iCatcher Pro from BearCreeks is a baitboat for carppredator or all-round anglers. Equipped with a GPS autopilot system5.8GHZ radio system, two maintenance-free powerful motors and a range of up to 600 metres, you can quickly reach all the hot spots on your lake.

With the GPS autopilot system you can store up to 21 different fishing spots and let the boat automatically drive to the desired spot with an accuracy of +/-21 cm. Of course the system has a “home mode” and always returns safely to the starting point as soon as the signal is too weak or the battery should be empty. The fully microprocessor-controlled electronics allow variable speed settings for forward and reverse travel. A motor trim allows the two motors to be controlled separately and thus to adapt to water currents and wind conditions, which always guarantees a perfect directional stability of the boat.

The hull of the iCatcher Pro is of course made of very stable and impact resistant ABS and was, like all our baitboats, manufactured by an elaborate injection mould.

The boat has an electromagnetic large feed hatch for up to 4Kg of baits, which can also be divided with a “separating flap”, which allows you to quickly create 2 chambers from one feed chamber. Furthermore, the baitboat has an electromagnetic release hook system at the rear and 7 extra bright LED’s, so you can see the boat even at a distance.

With very strong magnets, the two covers for the batteries are attached to the upper part of the boat, which guarantees a very fast exchange of the batteries.

Fishfinder / Echo Sounder VF01 

The Fishfinder VF01 is a wireless black/white echosounder with 4 different shades of grey and 3,5″ LCD display. With a fabulous range of up to 300m you can find most of the hot spots in your fishing pond or lake. Whether it’s sensitivityfish symbolswater depthtemperature display or the many other settings, you can adjust the depth sounder to any situation. With the 4 different shades of grey on the display you can read the bottom structure of your water exactly and use the baitboat to place the baits in the desired position.

With this echo sounder, finding underwater mountains, break-off edges or schools of fish is very easy.


Technical properties:

  • range 300m
  • 3.5″ black/white LCD display
  • 4 display grey tones
  • Minimum depth 60cm
  • maximum depth 36m
  • Sonar frequency: 200 KHz
  • Temperature range: -20° – +70° C
  • portable monitor with battery compartment
  • 4 x AA batteries for the depth sounder
  • external power supply unit for charging the AA batteries in the battery compartment



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